The complete CRM and digital marketing system

Do you have an affinity list and want to up-sell virtual products to clients? Do you have access to the products but need a partner with an affinity list?

Then you need a system that enables you to manage client lists AND market to them. Traditional customer relationship management (CRM) products just handle your client data – they don’t turn that data into sales campaigns that target the segments you want to reach. Numbe is the only platform that brings customer management, digital marketing and billing together in one completely integrated solution.

What is Numbe

Numbe is a web-based, digital marketing and customer management platform that integrates marketing activities, client management and billing in one system.

It is ideal for dispensing and managing virtual products with recurring fee collection, such as insurance, airtime products or memberships.

Who Uses Numbe

All companies actively involved in outbound marketing campaigns have to use affinity lists in order to transform their marketing efforts into permission marketing projects.

Numbe enables partnership projects with secure integration between contacts (affinity lists), and contracts (clients signed up for products).

What Makes Numbe Unique

Numbe does everything conventional CRM products do – but it adds the ability to create marketing campaigns from external data sources.

It’s a complete CRM, digital marketing and billing system.